Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD Reef Supplement Pack

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Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD Reef Supplement Multipack contains 100 ml bottles of:

  • Red Sea Coral Colors A an Iodine/Halogen complex that encourages enhanced Pink coral coloration.
  • Red Sea Coral Colors B a potassium, boron and trace element complex that promotes the Red colors in corals.
  • Red Sea Coral Colors C a blend of iron and complementary trace elements that promotes the Green colors in corals
  • Red Sea Coral Colors D a complex of 18 trace elements including silver, gold, vanadium and tungsten that promotes the production of Purple/Blue pigments in aquarium corals.

Use the Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Multi Test Kit to ensure safe and proper coral supplementation.

For best results in displaying coral colors use Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer.