Rod`s Food Seaweed Blend 30 grams


Seaweed Blend provides three types of dry seaweed in one package: (1) high-quality green sheets, (2) certified raw (nutrient-rich) red sheets, and (3) a raw, leafy, purple seaweed. These make it possible to offer a variety of greens. Your tangs will love it.

Manufacturer Info

Rod`s Food
Rod`s Food have many years of experience and learning that has made their blending process unique. Rod`s Food is made by hand in our U.S. facility, not machine processed overseas. They use whole animals, not just tails that are available at any local grocery store. Using the whole animal provides the most nutrition. No unnecessary gels or food binders are added to Rod`s Food. And their foods are not water packed! Most users are amazed by how a small amount of Rod`s Food can feed an entire reef. A little goes a long way!