New Life Spectrum Ick Shield 1mm Sinking Pellets – 125g


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New Life Spectrum Ick Shield is a life-saving medicated fish food that combats devastating Ich and a variety of other ectoparasites including velvet disease, Trichodiniasis, etc. These 2 mm sinking pellets are specially formulated to disrupt the trophont, which is the most harmful feeding stage of Ich-causing Addition to its active ingredients, ick shield features a highly concentrated nutrition profile to support the general health and well-being of your aquarium fish. To entice ailing fish that are less inclined to eat, these wholesome pellets offer an extremely palatable taste. They incorporate all-natural ingredients to mask the infused medication and will not induce stress or suppress appetites when administered as directed. New Life spectrum ick shield pellets provide a safer method of treatment (especially in delicate reef aquariums), as they enable you to medicate your fish without dosing the entire aquarium. They are equally effective in treating freshwater and saltwater fish and will not negatively impact your aquarium's biological filter. Made in the USA.